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This subject guide presents the collection on resources pertinent to beginning research in biblical studies. Our mission is to direct you to the best databases, reference tools, and online resources for Biblical Studies. The guide will be updated periodically as we are always acquiring new scholarly materials for your research. If you have any questions or comments, please contact your friendly neighborhood Spider-man librarian.
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Bible Commentaries
Anchor Bible Commentary Series openURL
The most expansive commentary currently available in English. Includes volumes on the Apocrypha and reference volumes. Emphasis not only on translation but on reconstructing ancient settings (Stewart, 2003).
Ancient Christian Commentary on scripture
This series draws on the biblical interpretration of the patristic period (Clement of Rome [d. 215] to John of Damascus [d. ca. 760]). For each biblical passage, a selection of comments by major patristic exegesis is provided (Stewart, 2003).
Etz Hayim : Torah and commentary / senior editor, David L. Lieber
Print Location: BS 1222 .L54 2001 Reference Collection openURL Includes the haftarot and commentary on them, p'shat and d'rash commentaries, comments on Conservative halakhic practice, topical essays, and other material.
Hermeneia openURL
This series provides a "critical and historical commentary to the Bible without arbitary limits in size or scope." More than most series, this one takes an interest in textual criticism, history of religions, etc. To be used to its potential, Hermeneia requires familiarity with biblical language. Some of the volumes are English translation of German works, and this has implications for the accessibility of some of the extensive bibliographies (Stewart, 2003).
New Testament commentary survey / D.A. Carson.
Print Location: BS2341.52 .C37 2013 openURL (5th edition) Critically evaluates introductions, theologies, as well as various types of commentaries. The author scrutinizes not only individual works, but the overall caliber and evenness of series such as the Anchor Bible, Hermeneia, etc (Stewart, 2003).
Old Testament commentary survey / Tremper Longman III.
Print Location: BS 1151.52 .L66 2013 openURL An annotated review not only of commentaries but of Old Testament reference works generally (histories, indtroductions, atlases, etc). (David Stewart, 2003)
The Collegeville Bible commentary : based on the New American Bible with revised New Testament / general editors, Dianne Bergant, Robert J. Karris.
Print Location: BS 491.2 .C66 1989c openURL Anthology of separately commissioned booklets by 34 Catholic Scholars on various sections and individual books of the Bible (Stewart, 2003).
The HarperCollins Bible commentary / general editor, James L. Mays
Print Location: BS 491.2 .H37 2000c Reference Collection openURL Introductory essays on the Bible in its historical and cultural settings, along with helpful introductions to each section of the Scriptures (Stewart, 2003).
The new international commentary on the Old Testament openURL
Combining a broadly conservative approach with high-level exgesis, this series is used frequently by pastors (Stewart, 2003).
The new interpreter's Bible. New Testament survey.
Print Location: BS 2330.3 .N49 2005 openURL (17 volumes in library holdings) A first, overview volume is devoted to the general introductory articles, and introductions to the sections of the Bible as interspersed througout the other volumes. The full texts and critical notes of two Bible translations (NIV and NRSV) are included. Generally the commentary's interest is in the received text rather than in detailed textual criticism (Stewart, 2003).
The New Jerome biblical commentary / edited by Raymond Brown.
Print Location: BS 491.2 .N485 1990 Reference Collection openURL One-volume Catholic commentary on Scriptures. There are general, topical articles, as well as commentaries on the individual books. Each section begins with a brief bibliography (Stewart, 2003).
Word Biblical Commentary openURL
This series offers new translations and a multifaceted approach. Each section of the commentary includes bibliography, a new translation, notes, discussion of form, structure, and setting, and an "explanation." The theological perspectives of the series could be described broadly as "conservative Protestant" (Stewart, 2003).
Archaeology & Atlases
The Collegeville atlas of the Bible / [Old Testment author ; Marcus Braybrooke]
Print Location: BS 635.2 .B73 1998 Reference Collection openURL The color plates and illustrations in this work are beautiful, and the chronological arrangement of material (Old and New Testament by period) makes it easy to use. There are not many maps, however, so this work serves more acccurately as an illustrated companion to the Bible (Stewart, 2003).
Archaeological encyclopedia of the Holy Land / edited by Avraham Negev and Shimon Gibson.
Print Location: DS 111 .A2 A73 2001 Reference Collection openURL An A-Z approach to the places, topics, and issues of biblical archaeology. The entries tend to be concise, and this volume will be especially useful where a brief topical sketch rather than an extended scholarly discussion is wanted (Stewart, 2003).
Archaeology of the land of the Bible / by Amihai Mazar.
Print Location: BS 621 .M39 1990 openURL 2 Volumes: A chronological approach to the subject. Beginnning with an outline of the nature of archaeological work in the Holy Land, Mazar describes how this science has been applied to successive periods of Old Testament history (Stewart, 2003). Contents: v.1 10,000-586 B.C.E. / Amihai Mazar -- v.2 The Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian periods, 732-332 BCE / Ephraim Stern -- v.3 Alexander to Constantine / Eric M. Meyers.
The Harper atlas of the Bible / edited by James B. Pritchard.
Print Location: G 2230 .H47 1987 Reference Collection openURL This atlas follows a comprehensive historical sequence, extending from prehistory to the Christian Era (Stewart, 2003).
The Macmillan Bible atlas / by Yohanan Aharoni and Michael Avi-Yonah
Print Location: G 2230 .A2 1977c Reference Collection openURL This volume is more text-oriented than some other Bible Atlases. Maps are arranged by historical period, from the Canaanite period up to the Second Jewish Revolt against the Romans (Stewart, 2003).
The Oxford encyclopedia of archaeology in the Near East
Print Location: DS 56 .O9 1997 Reference Collection openURL (5 Volumes) An expansive treatment of the subject, including lengthy articles, numerous charts, maps, illustrations, and chronologies. The bibliographies that follow individual articles are excellent (Stewart, 2003).
The Oxford history of the biblical world / edited by Michael D. Coogan.
Print Location: BS 635.2 .O94 1998 openURL Well presented, with numerous black-and-white illustrations, and a section of color plates. Each essay includes its own bibliography. There is a chronology, a general bibliography, and an index (Stewart, 2003).
Bible Dictionaries, Companions, Handbooks
Eerdmans dictionary of the Bible / David Noel Freedman
Print Location: BS 440 .E44 2000 Reference Collection openURL Offers approximately 5,000 articles. Includes illustrations and maps.
Holman Bible dictionary / general editor Trent C. Butler.
Print Location: BS 440 .H65 1991 Reference Collection openURL Summary definitions and explanatory articles on every Bible subject, introductions and teaching outlines for each Bible book, in-depth theological articles, plus internal maps, charts, illustrations, scale reconstruction drawings, archaeological photos, and atlas.
Mercer dictionary of the Bible / general editor, Watson E. Mills
Print Location: BS 440 .M429 1990 Reference Collection openURL Collaborative work of 200+ baptist affiliated scholars, treating topics in the usual alphabetical arrangement (Stewart, 2003).
New Bible dictionary / J.D. Douglas
Print Location: BS 440 .N42 1996 Reference Collection openURL Compresses an extraordinary amount of entries and detail into one volume. This wok has been revised extensively with new cultural and archaeological material (Stewart, 2003).
The Anchor Bible dictionary / David Noel Freedman,
Print Location: BS 440 .A54 1992 Reference Collection openURL (6 Volumes; 1 series in reference, 1 series in Main Collection)
The Anchor Bible dictionary / David Noel Freedman,
Print Location: BS 440 .A54 1992 Main Collection openURL
The complete Bible handbook / John Bowker.
Print Location: BS475.3 .B68 2001 openURL Includes three sections: Old Testament, New Testament, and Reference (Stewart, 2003).
The HarperCollins Bible dictionary / editor, Mark Allan Powell, with the Society of Biblical Literature.
Print Location: BS 440 .H235 2009 openURL One volume dictionary with black and which maps and illustrations (Stewart, 2003).
The New Jerome Bible handbook / Raymond Brown
Print Location: BS 417 .N49 1992 openURL Based on, and adds to the New Jerome Bible Commenatery. A book-by-book introduction to the basic structure and content of the Bible. This book is formatted to served students at the introductory level (Stewart, 2003).
Biblical Theology
Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels
Print Location: BS 2555.2 .D53 1992g openURL Designed to contain most of the recent scholarship on the subject, this one volume contains everthing from introductory dicussions for students to comprehensive surveys and up-to-date reviews (Stewart, 2003).
Dictionary of Paul and his letters / editors, Gerald F. Hawthorne
Print Location: BS 2650.2 .D53 1993 Reference Collection openURL Aims to collect and bring together in one place the best of newer scholarship on Paul and the Pauline letters. It functions, then as a specialized and concentrated kind of Bible dictionary (Stewart, 2003).
Dictionary of the later New Testament & its developments / editors, Ralph P. Martin, Peter H. Davids.
Print Location: BS 2625.5 .D53 1997 Reference Collection openURL Intended to bring together best scholarship to bring to light the study of Hebrews, Jude, 1 Peter, etc. (Stewart, 2003).
The Collegeville pastoral dictionary of biblical theology / Carroll Stuhlmueller, general editor ; Dianne Bergant
Print Location: BS 417 .C735 1996 Reference Collection openURL Valuable Roman Catholic work includes a major collection of scholarly essays on subjects relating to biblical interpretation.  (Stewart, 2003).
Electronic Database
ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials Restricted Resource
ATLA Religion Database® (ATLA RDB®) with ATLASerials® (ATLAS®)combines the premier index to journal articles, book reviews, and collections of essays in all fields of religion with ATLA's online collection of major religion and theology journals. The ATLA Religion Database includes more than 620,000 article citations from more than 1,746 journals (575 currently indexed), more than 250,000 essay citations from over 18,000 multi-author works, more than 570,000 book review citations, and a growing number of multimedia citations. Coverage in this database begins in 1949 although indexing for some journal titles extends back into the nineteenth century. InATLASerials, full text is provided for more than 380,000 electronic articles and book reviews from more than 220 journals selected by leading religion scholars in the United States. This database is produced by the American Theological Library Association.
note: Access tied to IP address range
Old Testament Abstracts Restricted Resource
Old Testament Abstracts Online is a product of a partnership between ATLA and the Catholic Biblical Association. The database features indexing and abstracts for journal articles, monographs, multi-author works, and software related to Old Testament studies. Topics covered include antiquities, archaeology, biblical theology, philology and much more.
note: Access tied to IP address range
New Testament Abstracts Restricted Resource
New Testament Abstracts Online is a product of a partnership between ATLA and Boston College. The database is an indispensable research and bibliographic aid for scholars, librarians, clergy and students of the New Testament and its historical milieu. The database contains more than 44,000 article abstracts, 1,200 review abstracts, 16,500 book abstracts, and 50 software abstracts.
note: Access tied to IP address range
History & Interpretations
A Dictionary of Biblical interpretation / edited by R. J. Coggins and J. L. Houlden.
Print Location: BS 500 .D494 1990 Reference Collection openURL This work provides an A-Z approach to the major topics, trends and issues in biblical interpretation. Articles are followed by brief but thoughtful bibliographies (Stewart, 2003).
Handbook of postmodern biblical interpretation / A.K.M. Adam, editor.
Print Location: BS 476 .H24 2000 openURL Forty essays provide an overview of how biblical intperpretation has been reshaped by postmodernist thought.  (Stewart, 2003).
Historical handbook of major biblical interpreters / editor, Donald K. McKim.
Print Location: BS 501 .A1 H57 1998 Reference Collection openURL This work comprehends a vast subject by dividing it into six broad historical periods, extending from the early church through the 20th century North America (Stewart, 2003).
The Cambridge history of the Bible.
Print Location: BS 445 .C26 1963 openURL (3 volumes) Contents: v. 1. From the beginnings to Jerome, edited by P. R. Ackroyd and C. F. Evans -- v. 2. The West from the Fathers to the Reformation, edited by G. W. H. Lampe -- v. 3. The West from the Reformation to the present day, edited by S. L. Greenslade.
Language & Literature
A Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament and other early Christian literature / revised and edited by Frederick William Danker.
Print Location: PA 881 .B38 2000c Reference Collection openURL Intended for those at least somewhat familiar with Greek. The range of depth of textual resources considering is dazzling, yet one of the strengths of this work is that it can be of use at a variety of levels: it can be referred to simply as a dictionary (Stewart, 2003).
Analytical lexicon of the Greek New Testament / Timothy Friberg, Barbara Friberg, Neva F. Miller.
Print Location: PA 881 .F75 2000 Reference Collection openURL This work offers less detail than other lexicons but brings together all the forms of a given Greek word in one entry. This approach is particularly useful to Greek Students who grasp of forms of forms is still developing (Stewart, 2003).
Dictionary of biblical imagery / general editors, Leland Ryken, James C. Wilhoit, Tremper Longman III ; consulting editors, Colin Duriez, Douglas Penney, Daniel G. Reid.
Print Location: BS 537 .D48 1998 Reference Collection openURL Examines the variety and complexity of biblical language, including imargey, symbolism, metaphors, etc. (Stewart,  2003).
Exegetical dictionary of the New Testament / edited by Horst Balz and Gerhard Schneider.
Print Location: BS 2312 .E913 1990 Reference Collection openURL This work is a guide to the forms, meaning and uses of every word in the 3rd edition of the Nestle-Aland Novum Testentum Graece (Stewart, 2003).
New international dictionary of Old Testament theology & exegesis / Willem A. VanGemeren
Print Location: BS 440 .N438 1997d Reference Collection (5 volumes) This volume series is devoted to the Old Testament Exegesis theology. There are about 3,000 lexical and topical entries, an extended cross-reference system and an entire volume of detailed indexes (Stewart, 2003).
The Hebrew and Aramaic lexicon of the Old Testament / by Ludwig Koehler and Walter Baumgartner
Print Location: PJ 4833 .K61813 1994 Reference Collection openURL (5 Volumes) Translated from German
The vocabulary of the Greek Testament / by J.H. Moulton and G. Milligan.
Print Location: PA 881 .M7 1997 openURL A resource that brings together data from thr papyri regarding New Testament words. A work of this vintage missed out on the lexical discoveries and advances of more recent scholarship, yet its thouroughness and relative ease of use have kept it pertinent to students (Stewart, 2003).
Theological dictionary of the New Testament / edited by Gerhard Kittel ; translator and editor: Geoffrey W. Bromiley.
Print Location: PA 881 .K513 Reference Collection openURL (10 Volumes) Standard resource combines elements of a lexicon with those of an encyclopedia, as its interest is not only in etymology and meaning but in more integrative concerns such a s tradition and theology. Entries are arranged by root word, rather than in strict alphabetical sequence. A longer entry typically includes a section on a term's broader Hellenistic usage, Old Testament antecedents and parallels, usage in Rabbinic Judaism, all prior to considering the term in its New Testament setting (Stewart, 2003).
Theological dictionary of the Old Testament / edited by G. Johannes Botterweck and Helmer Ringgren ; translator, John T. Willis.
Print Location: BS 440 .T4413 1977 Reference Collection openURL English translation of Theologisches Worterbuch zum Atlen Testament. Primary function od this standard work is to provide complete lexical resources (eytmology, syntax, etc.) for the vocabulary of the Old Testament (Stewart, 2003).
Theological lexicon of the Old Testament / [edited by] Ernst Jenni, Claus Westermann ; translated by Mark E. Biddle.
Print Location: BS 440 .T4813 1997 Reference Collection openURL (3 Volumes)  English version of Theologisches Handworterbuch zum Alten Testament. Helpful statistical tables and thorough indexes conclude the third volume (Stewart, 2003).
Web Sites
A Synoptic Gosels Primer: Parallel Texts in Matthew, Mark & Luke openURL
This Synoptic Gospels Primer is designed for students in college level courses on the gospels or anyone else interested in the "Synoptic Problem." It was created for undergraduate New Testament courses at Rutgers University (New Brunswick campuses).
Bible Hub openURL
Comprehensive site providing free Bible study and original language tools, and reference materials including sources in multiple languages.
EIKON Image Database for Biblical Studies openURL
The EIKON Image Database for Biblical Studies is a faculty-library initiative at Yale Divinity School that provides digital resources for teaching and research in the field of Biblical studies.
Bible Research: Reference Materials for Students of Scripture openURL
This site provides detailed information on the history of canon, texts, and versions of Scripture
An introduction to the New Testament / by Raymond E. Brown.
Print Location: BS 2330.2 .B76 1997 openURL The bibliographic resources cited (including the extensive footnotes) in this introduction is remarkable. At the conclusion of each section, the author sets out a vast array of sources, many of which have been cited in the introduction (Stewart, 2003).
An introductory bibliography for the study of Scripture / by George S. Glanzman and Joseph A. Fitzmyer.
Print Location: BS 600.2 .G53 1961 openURL A distinguished New Testament scholar provides a wide-ranging list of sources for the benefit of beginning students. Citations are annotated, and arranged according to format of material and by subject. (Stewart, 2003).
Critical Tools for the Study of the New Testament
Print Location: BS 2330.2 .M549 1995 openURL A thorough, carefully annotated inventory of research sources of almost every kind, including periodicals, book reviews, grammars, lexicons, software programs, theology libraries, and many others (Stewart, 2003).
New Testament commentary survey / D.A. Carson.
Print Location: BS2341.52 .C37 2013 openURL (5th edition) Critically evaluates introductions, theologies, as well as various types of commentaries. The author scrutinizes not only individual works, but the overall caliber and evenness of series such as the Anchor Bible, Hermeneia, etc (Stewart, 2003).
Old Testament commentary survey / Tremper Longman III.
Print Location: BS 1151.52 .L66 2013 openURL An annotated review not only of commentaries but of Old Testament reference works generally (histories, indtroductions, atlases, etc). (David Stewart, 2003)
Nelson's complete concordance of the New American Bible / Stephen J. Hartdegen
Print Location: BS425 .N36 1977 Main Collection openURL
Complete concordance of the New American Bible.
Nelson's complete concordance of the New American Bible / Stephen J. Hartdegen
Print Location: Ref. BS425 .N36 1977 Reference Collection openURL
New Strong's exhaustive concordance of the Bible
Print Location: BS 425 .S8 1995c Reference Collection openURL The Hebrew and Greek dictionaries now have three times more word study information than any other edition. Plus additional cross-references from leading dictionaries make this the ultimate reference tool for pastors, teachers, and all students of the Bible.
note: Two copies in reference
The analytical concordance to the New Revised Standard Version of the New Testament / Richard E. Whitaker and John R. Kohlenberger III.
Print Location: BS 2305 .W45 2000 Main Collection openURL
Each word is set within one line of context for quick and easy reference. The analysis shows the Greek root word for every English word so the reader can see how the original Greek words are rendered differently in specific passages and books.
The analytical concordance to the New Revised Standard Version of the New Testament / Richard E. Whitaker and John R. Kohlenberger III.
Print Location: BS 2305 .W45 2000 Reference Collection openURL
The Catholic Bible concordance : Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition / C.W. Lyons
Print Location: BS425 .L96 2009 Reference Collection openURL The first and only concordance for the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSV-CE) of the Bible. This exhaustive reference tool contains over 15,000 words and 300,000 entries, and has listings for both the first and second editions of the RSV-CE.
The NRSV concordance unabridged : including the apocryphal/deut‚Äčerocanonical books / John R. Kohlenberger III.
Print Location: BS 425 .K645 1991 Reference Collection openURL Provides easy access to every word and its reference in the NRSV and includes an index to alternate and "literal" translations found in the footnotes of the NRSV, also features a phrase concordance and topical index.
Zondervan NASB exhaustive concordance.
Print Location: BS 425 .N27 2000 Reference Collection openURL It’s crucial to select a concordance that works with the Bible translation you use. If the New American Standard Bible, Updated Edition, is your translation of choice, then the Zondervan NASB Exhaustive Concordance is indispensable. With over 400,000 entries listing every word in the updated NASB.
Scripture Search Tools in ATLA Serials hide/show
ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials via EBSCO Host provides a wonderful tool for searching for articles by Bible book/chapter/verse. The database uses a system of Hierarchical Scripture Authority descriptors to associate articles with scripture references. The results generated display all articles that are pertinent to the specific scripture- start by click on the following:
1. Locate "Scriptures" on the top menu bar of EBSCO Host:
2.Select the Bible Book and chapter in the Hierarchical Scripture Authority:
3. Select classification code and the database will retrieve records that are associated with that term. Combine search results with an additional term to retrieve results that are pertinent to your research topic:
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Stewart, David R. and John A. Bollier. The Literature of Theology: A Guide for Students and Pastors. Rev. ed. Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 2003.
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