An Act of Faith

New Blessed Sacrament Chapel
Designed and Built by Former Regent

Blessed Sacraement Chapel

Stated simply, Sal Caruso's inspiration for the design and construction of St. Patrick's new Blessed Sacrament Chapel was and is the Love of God, our Lord and our Savior. Through the grace and inspiration of God, I was chosen to be the architect and builder of this Most Blessed Sacrament Chapel.  Used in this work were many pieces of beautiful religious art, stated Caruso. Their purpose is to help us transcend our simple lives and ascend to meet our Savior. The design began with the wood paneling left in a warm, rustic condition, in a way not finished to perfection, much like our lives and the world around us. The deep red color, suggested for the upper walls by faculty member Fr. Michael Barber, S.J., gives a sense of total immersion and a departure from the outside world. At the same time, it creates a sense of intimacy. The pews, sanctuary lamp and magnificent stained glass are all treasures of St.Patrick's Seminary & University. The windows were apart of the original commission of the late 1800's. They had been concealed in an area of the Seminary unused today. The clover leaf stained glass windows have images of many great Saints of our Church including Saint Patrick. They are reminders to today's seminarians of the legacy of our Church. Also magnificently represented is our Blessed Mother and St. Joseph, placed right and left of the tabernacle. Top and center is a stained glass window of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, central to the Chapel and the Church. The tabernacle was found by chance and through God's Grace in an antique shop that was closing. On the jeweled doors are represented the four evangelists. At the top of the tabernacle there is a cross in the form of a triple leaf clover like the one St. Patrick is holding in the stained glass window above it. The monstrance is in the form of a cross, a reminder of Jesus'; Sacrifice and love for us all. The altar is in pure white with the front panel in polished silver representing Rafael's Last Supper, the sacred moment in which Christ established the Eucharist and the Priesthood. This panel was purchased a number of years ago by Josephine and Sal to commemorate their tenth wedding anniversary. The top ofthe altar has been covered in gold leaf to further emphasize the preciousness that we all receive in the Sacrifice of the Mass, through His servants, our Priests. ';DUC IN ALTUM';, ';put out into the deep'; Luke 5:4, a phrase used frequently by our late Holy Father, John Paul II is inscribed on the silver crucifix on the altar. I am eternally grateful to Fr. Michael Barber. for inviting me to undertake andguide this project, to Fr. Jerry Brown who granted me permission to do this work and to the staff of St. Patrick's who gave great support during the construction,'; said Sal.

"'I am also grateful to my beloved wife, Josephine, and children,Christopher, Claire,Luke, Maria Garzia, Juliana, Joseph and Lorenzo, who sacrificed their Christmas vacation with me so that I could serve God in this work.

St. Patrick's thanks Sal Caruso for the generous commitment of his time, talent and treasure to this project. We extend our gratitude to Paul, Barbara, Joseph and Michael Gentzkow who generously helped to underwrite the cost of the tabernacle.We also appreciate the generosity of Chris Marchese and Helen Marchese Owens who also helped underwrite the cost of the tabernacle in loving memory of their mother Mary Marchese.