Deaconate 2011



On Saturday, October 29, 2011 the community of St. Patrick's gathered to celebrate the ordination of 4 seminarians to the transitional diaconate. Pictured from right to left are: Reverend Mr. Thomas Nelson, (Diocese of Reno), Reverend Mr. Anthony Uytingco (Diocese of San Jose), Reverned Mr. Jhay Galeon (Diocese of Sacramento) and Reverned Mr. Armando Gutierrez (Archdiocese of San Francisco).

The ordaining prelate was Bishop Robert McElroy (Auxiliary Bishop of San Francisco and alumnus of St. Patrick's Seminary). Retired Auxiliary Bishop Ignatius Wang was present for the ordination Mass at the Seminary as were Bishop Thomas Daly (San Jose) and Bishop Randy Calvo (Reno). Bishop Calvo received the promise of obedience and ordained Thomas Nelson to the transitional deaconate. Each deacon is on tract to be ordained priests for their respective dioceses in the Spirng/Summer 2012. Congratulations to our new deacons!