Pope Francis IToday, Wednesday, March 13, 2013 has been made extraordinary by the election of the first Pope from the Americas!

 Pope Francis I, formerly Jesuit Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, humbly accepted the silent blessing of the Church Universal in an extraordinary beginning to his papacy. The Church of San Francisco welcomes our Holy Father who bears, for the first time, the name of the great Francis of Assisi, Patron of our diocese. Holy Father, we congratulate you and pledge our prayerful support and love. Ad multos annos!   

Chair of Peter










As the Church moves once again into uncharted waters, the People of God join together in prayer for the cardinals gathered in the Eternal City for the papal conclave which begins today.


Pope Benedict XVIAs our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI resigns as Pope today, he goes forth with the prayer and support of the entire St. Patrick's Seminary & University community. Finding it necessary and important at this stage of declining health and stamina, the Pope has chosen, and the first time a pope has done so in nearly six hundred years, to resign in order that the Church may with energy, fidelity and enthusiasm carry out her mission in these crucial and fast-moving times.

Holy Father, you retire to a life of prayer for the Church and the world and we are grateful for everything you have given us. We are grateful for your leadership, your remarkable preaching and teaching and for your tremdous act of humility as you begin this phase of your life as Pope Emeritus. You have left us with a humble and courageous example. Now, the Seminary joins you in prayer for the Holy Spirit's acting through the College of Cardinals and the selection of your successor. Ad multos annos Holy Father!