“This faithful servant comes from a simple family from Guam that has weathered decades of change and numerous challenges, grown amidst natural disasters and the tragedies of a World War,” states the foreword to the book titled 50 Years of Priestly Stewardship: Msgr. Brigido Untalan Arroyo.

In the course of those years, Monsignor Arroyo served as a chaplain of the Army National Guard, and as presbyter of the Neocatechumenal Way.  He also worked as radio and television producer, communicating the Gospel and news about the Catholic community for several Guam broadcasters.  He was proud to serve as Social Communications Director during the visit of Pope John Paul II to the island of Guam in February 1981. In fact, he prepared the Chamorro phrases that Pope John Paul II used in his first greetings to the Chamorro people.

 The book, written by Katherine Salas Diaz of Guam and Mark Anthony F. Arbis of Manila, Philippines was launched the same evening as Monsignor Arroyo’s 50th Golden Jubilee Eucharist and Reception in Guam this past June. One proud guest was his mother, Olivia Untalan Arroyo, who will reach her one hundredth birthday this year.


The Presbyterium chapter of the book contains many wonderful sepia toned photos of the seminarian then known as “Bibi” Arroyo as he stands with his brother seminarians at the front entrance.  He received a B.A. from St Patrick’s Seminary  in 1961.

We congratulate Monsignor Arroyo on this milestone and thank him for this inspiring gift, which is on display in the library.