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Gabriel Ortiz, 26, (our photographer--not in picture) was the youngest of the       St. Patrick's library workers attending a holiday lunch in honor of our most senior librarian, Sister Patricia Wittman, 84, (seated, right).
Sister Patricia of the Sisters of the Holy Family received her Masters Degree in Library Science from the University of Hawaii in 1978.


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Seminarian Luis Lopez of the Diocese of Oakland, arranged the creche (shown above) on a shelf in the library's main reading room. The creche was made in the northern El Salvador village of La Palma. This town is famous because during the Civil War, the first peace dialogue took place there. La Palma is also recognized around the world for its colorful native pinewood crafts. During this Advent season, we invite you to recognize Jesus' presence among the poor.


Tree lighting at STPSUNOV20121

Over 300 people attended our Tree Lighting Ceremony held on Monday night.  The evening was inspired by the President/Rector, Father James McKearney's welcoming prayer and blessing of the creche and trees.  The choir sang beautifully as Christmas carols and holiday treats were enjoyed throughout the Seminary. Many of the guests who enjoyed a close up look at our magnificent and historic building were Bay Area parents and children--part of the extended St Patrick's community.
Thank you to all of our volunteers and seminarians who took time out from their busy holiday and study schedules to make our spirits bright.
And, thank you, to all who came and participated in this festive event!