thumb_Installation_of_Readers-Feb_2011The Installation of readers took place in the Seminary chapel on Wednesday, February 23, 2011. Bishop Stephen E.Blaire, Bishop of the Diocese of Stockton presided. 


Revs_Vs_Sems-smCongratulations to our seminarians the 2011 Revs vs Sems Victors! Congratulations also to our invaluable new coach, Fr. George Schultze, S.J.!!

Pope_Benedict_XVISeminarians of the world were given support and encouragement in a letter from Pope Benedict XVI on the Feast of Saint Luke the Evangelist, October 18.

In his letter to seminarians marking the end of the Year for Priests the Pope recalled how in 1944 as a draftee in the German army he expressed his desire to become a Catholic priest to which an officer replied “Then you ought to look for something else. In the new Germany priests are no longer needed.” The Pope then added that “many people nowadays also think that the Catholic priesthood is not a “job” for the future, one that belongs more in the past.”