Library Goals

Through human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral development, the mission of St Patrick's Seminary & University is to enable Christ-centered men to grow and excel as collaborative, culturally aware pastoral leaders commited to Jesus and his church.

In furtherance of this end,  the university library endeavors to do the following:

  1. To provide students with the interdisciplinary research skills and support necessary for success at S.t Patrick's and life-long vocational growth and development.
  2. To provide resources to support the curriculum and faculty research needs in accordance with paragraph 233 of the Program of Priestly Formation (5th edition).
  3. To serve the local church by providing outreach to parishes, Archdiocese offices and alumni.
  4. To collaborate with other theological research and teaching institutions, including the Center for Ongoing Formation, and the Fuller Institute to share materials and best practices.
  5. To meet the research and resource needs of students who speak English as a second language.
  6.  To continue to integrate online and multimedia library resources into the collection, making use of leading-edge technologies.
  7. To provide a well-trained, public and community service oriented group of professional librarians and support staff.
  8. To provide an inviting environment to support fundraising and special functions--including the showcasing of our exisitng special California and rare book collections.