Library Policies


 The Gellert Memorial Library is devoted to serving seminarians, faculty, staff, and the greater community by providing access to execptional theological resources. The following policies and guidelines are implemented to ensure that our materials support academic research and scholarship. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions. Share your thoughts with us by calling the library at (650) 321-5655 or emailing one of the librarians.
Collection Development
Patron Privilages and Access
Interlibrary Loan
Course Reserves
Internet Access
Photocopying and Printing


Collections Development

Our collection is intended to be the extension of the communties we serve. Our scope is to acquire academically rigorous materials used for religious scholarship. While our emphasis is the Catholic Church and its teachings, our vision is also to provide information on a diverse range of social, religious, and political perspectives. Additionally, we acquire materials that support the ongoing academic and research interests of our faculty. As we progress into the information age, our collection will grow in tandem with the most current digital media formats. Finally, if you have a suggestion, we welcome you to share it with our library staff. 



The Gellert Memorial Library always welcomes donations. Before bringing in your donation, please let us know when you coming and whether you will require a thank you letter for tax purposes. Please be aware that the library can only add materials that are pertinent to our collection development policy. However, the materials that are not selected will still be utilized within our community in a different capacity.


Patron Privileges and Access Requirements
  • Faculty, Students and Staff-  Current students, staff and faculty members are entitled to make use of all library materials.
  • Alumni- Alumni of St. Patrick’s are also entitled to library privileges. Alumni may borrow books and are permitted to make use of the library's online databases in the library. However, the library's license agreements do not permit the use of online databases  off-campus.
  • Visitors- Visitors from local communities and parishes are welcome to use the library’s resources. If visitors would like to check out materials, they are required to fill out a Library Application Form.



Library Catalogs-  The majority of our materials are cataloged and shelved according to the Library of Congress Classification system. The library owns approximately 120,000 volumes. Most of the materials can be checked out. When searching for books, it’s best to first consult our online catalog which can be found by clicking here, then try our card catalog on site. In general, books older than 1992 will have records in our card catalog but most have been migrated to the online catalog. 

Books- The majority of collection is cataloged according to the Library of Congress Classification system. Most of the collection is located on the basement level of the library and underneath the mezzanine. Most of the volumes can be checked out, however reference books are limited to library use only.

Dewey Decimal System- The library has a small collection of books organized by the dewey decimal system located on the mezzanine.

Loan Periods:

  • St. Patrick’s Seminarians: 8 weeks
  • St. Patrick’s Faculty and Staff: 1 semester
  • Fuller Theological Students: 6 weeks
  • Visitor/Guests: 5 weeks
  • Interlibrary loans: 4 weeks

Print Periodicals-  Current issues of printed periodicals and scholarly journals are shelved alphabetically in the Fenn Reference Room. Older issues of periodicals may be shelved on the mezzanine. For a complete list of our current print periodicals, please click here.

Reference Materials- Reference books are located in the Fenn Reference Room. These materials are library use only.  Reference materials in our collection include, dictionaries (english and others), encyclopedias, maps, indexes, atlases, biographies, and bibliographies. Generally, reference materials are very useful for gathering general information on a subject. However, theology reference books available will range from general information on religions (i.e. The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge and the Encyclopedia of Religion), to more specialized information on a specific type of religion (i.e. Encyclopedia of Catholic Social thought,Social science, Social Policy and The Thomas Aquinatis Opera omnia).

DVD’s- The DVD collection is located on the wall behind the main collection staircase.  The loan period for all DVD’s is 4 weeks.

Online databases- We are subscribed to serveral online theological databases. Due to our liscensing agreement with our database vendors,  access is limited to St. Patrick's students, faculty, and staff. Fuller Students also have access to their library's database through the Fuller Library database link on the library catalog. Please consult on of the library staff if you are interested in getting an article that is not available in on of our online databases. Most likely, we can request it for you through an interlibrary loan. 


Interlibrary Loan 
  1. Interlibrary Loan Borrowing Policies- Interlibrary loans is a service that we are happy to provide to the St. Patrick’s community and the Fuller community. Students, faculty and staff are all eligable to request materials. To place a request, either fill out the web form online (link), or please see any of the library staff.

  2. Interlibrary Loan Lending Policies- In the spirit of information sharing, the Gellert Library is happy to fulfill lending requests to all types of libraries. We love reciprocal relationships- will loan free of charge to public libraries, catholic insitutions, SCELC members, and ATLA members.

  • Fees:
    • Copies: 0.00 - 15.00
    • Loans:  0.00 - 15.00
  • Request Methods:
    • OCLC Resource Sharing (SP1)
  • Loan Periods:
    • 5 weeks
    • Renew Period: 2-4 weeks
  • Delivery methods:
    • USPS 
    • Email for Document Deliver
  • Non-circulating materials- Periodicals, rare books (will make photocopies of these within reason)


Course Reserves

Course reserves are books items put on hold by the library at the request of a faculty member. These materials are library use only and can be found on the shelf next to the directors office. In the online catalog, course reserve materials will be assigned to the course reserve location.


Internet Access
  • Computers- Desktop computers are available for patrons to use located next to the Corbalis Learning Commons. These computers come equipped with microsoft office. The library staff will be happy to assist with using these programs.

  • Wireless access- The entire library is equipped with wireless access. In order to use the wireless, connect to “Library-1” or “Library-2,” then open your web browser and go to any nroam “http” wesbite. You will be prompted to enter your username and password on the seminary’s internet login page. If you are a Fuller student or guest, please see a library staff to receive a wireless account.


Photocopying and Printing

The library has a state-of-the-art copier/printer located next to the library staff office. The charge is $.05 cents per page printed. Payment is based on the honor system and money can be deposited in the copier bin next to the machine. Documents can also be scanned and emailed, free of charge. If you need help, please do not hesitate to ask a library staff.