Mantle of Elijah 2014

Segment One
(Foundations for Mentoring)
May 12 – May 16, 2014

Segment Two
(Mentoring in Practice)
May 18 – May 20, 2015
$1,900 per person
Discounts of $200 a person are available for diocese with three or more participants

Download Brochure here
Mantle of Elijah.pdf

Sessions I & II , 2014 will be held at:

Vallombrosa Center
250 Oak Grove Ave.
Menlo Park, CA  94025 



The Mantle of Elijah program will have a different look beginning in May 2014. In previous years, Mantle of Elijah consisted of two Monday through Friday segments offered in the same year. Segment One, Foundations for Priest Mentoring, was offered in January or early February. Segment Two, Priest Mentoring in Practice, was held in late April or early May. The general practice in most dioceses was that priests would complete both segments before beginning their service as mentors.

In the new format, Segment One and Segment Two will be held a year apart. Segment One (Foundations for Priest Mentoring) has been modified so as to prepare priests to begin their service as a mentor upon completion of the Monday through Friday seminar. Segment One will continue to focus on the distinctive role and value of the mentor in the life of a priest and within the culture of the presbyterate. It will accentuate the core skills required of an effective mentor, provide a set of recommended practices for mentoring newly ordained priests, first-time pastors, and priests new to the country, and equip participants to make a good beginning in their relationship with the priests they will serve.

Segment Two (Priest Mentoring in Practice), will be offered the following spring. The new format will seek to draw from and enrich the experience of mentoring that participants have acquired in the previous months. It will focus on honing the skills of effective mentoring and provide an opportunity to consider more challenging cases involving addiction, conflict of interest, and intercultural dynamics. Segment Two will be offered from Monday noon through Wednesday noon.

Another important feature of the new format is an opportunity for the ongoing formation and renewal of priests who have completed Mantle of Elijah training and now have a few years of experience as a mentor. This “mentor renewal” segment will be made available in the spring of 2016, and would be open to priests who have participated in Mantle of Elijah in previous years.

We anticipate that Mantle of Elijah will continue to be offered through the St. Patrick’s Seminary Center for Ongoing Formation on a three-year cycle: Segment One in 2014, Segment Two in 2015, and the mentor renewal seminar in 2016, with the cycle beginning afresh in 2017. The shift to the new format was developed in conversation with the dioceses we serve and with the approval and support of the Center’s Advisory Board.

Segment One of Mantle of Elijah is offered in 2014 from May 12 – May 16. Segment Two of Mantle is offered in 2015 from May 18-20. Dates for the Mantle of Elijah Mentor Renewal Program have not yet been established.

For more information, contact:
Rev. Tony Pogorelc
(650) 289-3351
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